A Whole New Way To Get Elite Athleticism FAST!


Possibly The Easiest & Fastest Performance Method To 
Gain A MASSIVE Advantage Over The Competition.

Possibly The Easiest & Fastest Performance Method To Gain A MASSIVE Advantage Over The Competition.

  • YES! This will work for you no matter what sport you play...
  • YES! This will work for you no matter what sport you play...


Speed kills, right? 

If that’s the case, then why are athletes with blazing fast 40 times riding the pine, getting cut from the team, or straight up quitting midseason?

Because they’re stiff, rigid, and they lack fluidity.

Truth is, more linear speed doesn’t necessarily equal better performance in game… Heck, neither does heavier lifting, a higher vertical, or impressive broad jump...
And there’s no point in being fast if you can’t use it in the game… That’s like owning a Lamborghini, but never driving over 40 MPH.

Luckily, there’s a way to transfer your linear speed to your competition. And I’m going to show you how to do it. 

But first, let me introduce myself…
My name is Chris Barnard.

For about a decade I’ve helped athletes of all sports improve their speed, jump higher, grow stronger, and become more athletic.

I've done this by training them directly, and providing free information and workouts on my Overtime Athletes YouTube channel. 

The channel currently hosts over 230,000 subscribers.

And a few years ago, I noticed a large gap between athletes’ speed in the gym and their performance in sport…

It All Started With a New 40 Yard Dash PR…

And ended with a player quitting his college football team…

Here’s What Happened:

At the gym, we have a “Gym Record Board” which keeps track of the heaviest lifts, and the greatest athletic feats that have ever been performed in the gym.
This record board includes heaviest bench and deadlift,

It includes highest hurdle hop,

It also includes the fastest 40 time, among other things…

One day, one of the athletes that I coached brought a friend in.

His name was Mike.

Mike was a running back, and he was pretty fast.
He saw the gym record for fastest 40 time on the gym record board and said:

I can beat that. 

As a man who walks his talk, so naturally, I told him:

Prove it.

Mike set up on the line, I gave him the ready, and he darted off…

He SHATTERED the Gym’s 40 Yard Dash Record…

I thought this kid was destined for big things...

But, that same year, he quit his college football team midseason.


He got benched.

See, Mike had the linear speed of a Saquon Barkley, Dalvin Cook, or a Christian McCaffrey…

But, he didn’t have the fluidity of these guys.

The footwork, finesse, or quickness.
Mike was fast in a straight line, but as a running back, you need to quickly change directions based on the holes that open up on the field and the positions of the opposing players.

Mike didn’t have the fluidity to do this…

He struggled to juke defenders,

Couldn’t find the holes,

Was easily tackled by the competition,

So he got benched. 

Then he quit…

There’s a lesson here...

Great Weight Room Performances DON’T Guarantee Better Performance

This happens all the time...

Guys lift heavy ass weight,

Jump out of the gym,

Have blazing speed in a closed environment,

But when gametime comes, these athletes are stiff, rigid, and calculated…

And while they may be able to put up impressive numbers in the gym…

Their Stat Sheets Are EMPTY

Athletes need to close this gap…

And to do this, they need to build from the ground up…

This starts with agility…

But Most Agility Drills Suck

At least traditional agility drills…

Whether you’re running through an agility ladder, hopping hurdles, or a combination of the two, the only reason you get faster is because you’re memorizing the movements…

Just like you’d memorize a dance.

Chances are, unless you’re celebrating in the end zone, or basking in the glory of sinking the game-winning shot, you’re not dancing during competition…

So why would you train like it?

You wouldn’t.

Or shouldn’t.

This misunderstood idea of agility training comes from a misunderstanding of the word agility.

Agility is not quickness.

It’s not changing direction,

Or having fast feet…


Simply, it’s change of direction combined with a reaction component.

This reaction component can be visual, or auditory…

But training agility takes a lot more than that…

I’ve Boiled Agility Training Down to Three Simple Steps

#1 Mechanics

Just like you need proper mechanics to run fast,

You need proper mechanics to change directions quickly…

If you don’t have this foundation, you can seriously injure yourself when trying to change directions at high speeds.

More than that...
When you have this base, you’ll be able to change directions fluidly and quickly, because you know how to decelerate, have short ground contact time, and accelerate efficiently.

And even more than that…

You’re learning to place your body in positions to produce more power...

#2 Force Management

To become agile, you need to get a handle on your force…

And because change of direction is so delicate and elaborate, you’ll need multiple tools to manage your force in a way that leads to improved agility….

First, you’ll need a base of force absorption. 
This will help you decelerate efficiently as you can manage high amounts of force without losing it as you slow down.

Then, you’ll need the ability to manage static force.

Transitional force occurs when you’ve come to a full stop, and are about to change directions…

You only need to manage this force for tenths of a second…

To become agile, you need to get a handle on your force…

And because change of direction is so delicate and elaborate, you’ll need multiple tools to manage your force in a way that leads to improved agility….

First, you’ll need a base of force absorption. 

This will help you decelerate efficiently as you can manage high amounts of force without losing it as you slow down.

Then, you’ll need the ability to manage static force.

Transitional force occurs when you’ve come to a full stop, and are about to change directions…

You only need to manage this force for tenths of a second…

#3 Cognitive Conditioning

The last layer of agility has to do with the brain…

And this is what separates actual agility training from brainlessly running through ladders.

In this stage, we want to increase the speed at which your brain processes information and sends a response to your body to perform the action that’s appropriate to the stimulus.


We want to increase your reaction time.

As an example...
If you’re a running back who’s running at a defender, first your brain needs to process that a potential threat is coming,

Then, it sends a signal for your body to take a certain action.

Hopefully, that action is juking the tackler.

This cognitive process can be improved by adding auditory and visual stimuli to change of direction drills…

As well as improving the athlete’s coordination.

This is more than just point and go drills,

Or shouting left and right…

This stage of agility training can get very complex and advanced…

Most “Experts” Don’t Know This

It’s sad...

But, it’s plain to see…

IG coaches and YouTube’s Try-Hard “Trainers” attempt to display their “coaching prowess” by presenting viewers with elaborate ladder drills that require little more than simple memorization.

It’s like everyone forgot what they learned in their Strength and Conditioning textbook…

Or maybe they just didn’t read it…

Either way, I’ve yet to see a coach teach agility the way I do…

And it’s a reason the athletes I work with are reaching unprecedented heights,

Leading their leagues,

Being recognized by colleges,

And reaching other levels of success most athletes can only dream of…

You can join them...

Introducing… Game Speed: The Agility System


Here’s What You’ll Receive Inside Game Speed: Agility System
The Game Speed: Agility System will build your agility, quickness, and in-game instincts from the ground up using a science-based approach that has been tested by 50+ athletes who’ve walked through the doors of my gym, and athletes all over the world. Inside, you’ll receive an approach to agility training, plyometrics to support your quickness, compound lifts to support your force production, and more. In other words, there’s no stone left unturned. I address every physical component you need to become more lethal in your sport.
I’ve created whiteboard videos that will teach you the driving factors behind the Game Speed program and made them available to you in an easy-to-consume video library. These videos will show you what to expect month-to-month in the program and teach you how to extract the best results possible.
I’ve written up a detailed manual on the theories and components behind the Game Speed program for athletes and coaches who want a deeper understanding of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. You'll discover the driving forces behind the one of the most effective agility systems available today. It’s so extensive that by the time you’re done reading it, you could develop your own agility program.
What’s the point of following a program if you don’t know if it’s making you better? There isn’t a point. That’s why I’ve created a testing manual that contains a series of drills to perform to develop a baseline of your lateral change of direction and quickness. You’ll perform these drills again once you’ve finished the program to see how much you’ve improved. As I always say, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.
The OTA Exercise Database
When you get inside of Game Speed: Agility System, you’ll gain access to the new, updated OTA Exercise Database. Inside, you’ll find extensive demonstrations of each movement, exercise, and drill you have to perform for the Game Speed program. This ensures you’re performing each movement with precision, intent, and full confidence in each movement's effectiveness.


If you can't make it to the gym, like the autonomy of training on your own time, or would just rather train at home, this program is for you. It's the complete, 14-Week, Game Speed: Agility System program in bodyweight format.

I set out to make this program just as powerful as the normal Game Speed program. And it's yours FREE when you grab Game Speed during launch week.
Whether you're a coach of a youth team, a youth athlete, or just don't think you're ready for the weights, this program will deliver results. Inside of this program, I've compiled the top knowledge on training youth athletes and implemented them into this beginner agility training program.

It's yours FREE when you get your copy of Game Speed during launch week.
I want you to get results with Game Speed Agility as quickly as possible. And that means setting you on the right path, and answering all your questions from the jump. So when you join Game Speed Agility, I’m going to link you up with one of my coaches. This way, you get off to the best start possible.

What Separates Game Speed From Other Agility Systems?

Game Speed isn’t a memorization puzzle…

While other agility systems will present you with ladder drills, cone concoctions, and hurdle hops, Game Speed throws all of that out the window…

In favor of building your sports-specific speed from the ground up, with the use of drills and exercises to build foundational biomechanics,

Technique-focused drills,

And finally, sports-specific drills that subject you to ever-changing stimulus based on your sport.

These drills present you with stimulus that can’t be memorized…
And your ability to respond to this stimuli will carry over to your sport.

Whether you’re a football player avoiding tacklers,

A hooper playing lockdown defense,

A baseball player looking to become a better fielder,

Or any other type of athlete….

Coach Chris’s 90 Day


This is going to be your easiest decision of the day...

When you grab Game Speed, you’re protected by my 90 Day Quickness Guarantee.

This means that if you follow the program to the T,

And follow it for the entire 12 week duration,

And don’t see an increase in your quickness, sports-specific speed… I’ll not only hand you your money back with a smile on my face… But I’ll also make it my mission to direct you to resources that will help you reach your goals.

I do this because I’m confident in the effectiveness in my program, and because I’m not here for a cash grab. If someone legitimately didn’t get value from my program, I have no problem giving them their money back.

However, I can nearly guarantee this won’t be the case for you because this program is based on sound science and NEW training protocols

To Succeed, You’ve Gotta Do the Opposite Of Everyone Else

There’s a story from hundreds of years ago about how Indians killed entire herds of Bison without shooting a single arrow.…

See, bison move in herds,

And their eyes are on the side of their head, so they struggle to see directly in front of them.

When they’re herding, they keep their heads down and follow the leaders of the pack.

Indians figured out a good way to kill a massive amount of bison quickly is to herd them off a cliff.

Once the leaders of the herd start to stampede,

The others mindlessly follow the leaders…

And one by one they plummet off the cliff to shortly become bison burgers.

Most athletes act like these bison.

They’re stuck in the herd mentality.

But, instead of plunging off a cliff to their death, they’re plunging into athletic mediocrity…

With every ladder they rush through,

Every cone they curl around,

Every hurdle they hop…

They’re wasting time they could be using for real agility training that will improve their in-game performance….

Now, you’ve got a decision to make…

Either keep your head down, stay with the herd, and pile into mediocrity…


Get Game Speed…

Choice is yours…

Click below for Game Speed:



Question #1: What’s Unique About The Game Speed Program?
The Game Speed Program is the only true agility training program out there (from what I’ve seen). True agility is change of direction with a reaction component. And it’s developed by breaking down game-specific movements into drills and plyometrics. That’s something you don’t get from ladders and cones.
Question #2: How Long is The Program?
The main program lasts 14 weeks. Two weeks are dedicated to the adaptation phase, which builds your work capacity and muscular endurance. Essentially, it prepares you for the intensity ahead. The next twelve weeks are dedicated to the adaptation, transmutation, and realization phases. Each phase will progress you through a different level of drills + movements, ending with the most sport-specific movements.
Question #3: Is This Program Good for Beginners/Advanced Athletes?
Yes and yes. The main program uses the same drills, plyometrics, and movements my professionals use. There’s also a modified beginner program included, which is perfect for younger and less experienced athletes. Both are included in the main Game Speed package.
Question #4: How will I receive my program?
You'll get instant access to Game Speed Agility right after your purchase. All our programs are housed inside our online portal, which you'll get access to on the thank you page. 
Question #5: What’s Included In The Game Speed Program?
The Game Speed Program is loaded with content, including: 
> The 14-Week Game Speed Agility Program
> The Game Speed: Agility System Video Library
> The OTA Exercise Database
And a bunch more.
Question #6: Is There a Guarantee?
Yes. When you grab Game Speed, you’re backed by my 90 Day Quickness Guarantee. That’s enough time for you to try the program in its entirety. If for some reason, you follow the program exactly as its laid out, and you don’t get faster, stronger, or quicker, just reach out to me @ support@overtimeathletes.com, and I’ll get you taken care of. But that’s very unlikely. Because these are the exact methods I’ve used to help youth athletes land scholarships, and pro athletes earn bigger contracts. But this means there's nothing holding you back from taking action today.
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